To Personalize Bay Area Kids Activities, I Posted Some Videos of Myself Explaining Various Aspects of the Website,

This is a video of me explaining the purpose of the website, Bay Area Kids Activities at  It’s a general information video.  Click Here to watch.

This is a video of me explaining the Xoe and Me Blog.  Click Here to watch.

This is a video of me explaining the indoor activities.  Click Here to watch.

I am starting the Parks section of the website, so check back often for park updates.



Advertisements has been updated

The Bay Area Kids Activities, website is coming along nicely, I am not rushing it, but instead taking my time and trying to make it as easy to use and navigate as possible. I updated most of the pages to include a MORE INFORMATION section where the business is described so that visitors can see what the business is about before they go there.

I think what I am going to do is use this BLOG, the Bay Area Kids Activities BLOG,  to post upcoming events and activities.  I think that’s what my visitors would like to see happen, and this BLOG is a great place to do that.

Once the website is finished, I will start posting upcoming events.  For now, I will use it to post website updates so that my visitors will stay updated on the websites progress.

All of the links on the site work.  Now that I have finished the MORE INFORMATION section, I am going back to adding more activities for bay area families.  What I would like to see happen is that one could come to and make plans for the day, the week, or the weekend, and that each parent/care giver get the kind of day that they planned, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than getting all excited to go somewhere, and get there and it not be what you expected.

I would like to visit each venue personally, and when I do I will review the business and post it to the Xoe and Me BLOG.  I think the Xoe and Me BLOG will be an important aspect of planning an activity.

This project is important to me in that it helps me plan day trips for my child, Xoe, and we are having a great time.  I want my visitors to have a great time as well, and by posting a review of the business I think it will help visitors decide if they want to go there.

Thank you for following along with me, I appreciate you all,

Adrienne Richardson

Bay Area Kids Activities




I Decided to Change the Website…

Well, I decided to change the layout of the website, instead of links to the hours, directions, and prices, I am going to add a description of the business with services they offer.  This is going to be a major change, and will take about 3 weeks to finish.  I think the changes will make the website look better, and help my visitors decided if they want to go to a particular business or activity.

To make sure the businesses descriptions are accurately portrayed, I am going to contact as many of the business I can, which will be all of them, and ask them to send me a paragraph on their business, that way I won’t have to come up with descriptions on 200+ businesses I haven’t been to yet.

Eventually, I plan on visiting all of the businesses.  This is going to take some time in that it’s going to involve a lot of travel.  I am not going to announce my visits, I will just drop in like everyone else does.

I think the changes will help you better decide where you want to visit, and it will make it easier to plan your activities.


Bay Area Kids Activities


Bay Area Kids Activities & Xoe and Me

Wow, I am totally enjoying building this website,  and when I am finished to a point to where I am just making updates, it’s going to have so much information on Bay Area Kids Activities.

One of the things I am looking forward to is going to the different venues and posting in my other BLOG, Xoe and Me.   Xoe and Me, is a BLOG I started to post about the Bay Area’s various activities.  I am going to ask different venues for free tickets for admission to their businesses, or free food vouchers, in exchange for Xoe (my daughter) and Me, going to their venue and taking pictures and video, and then giving a review with those pictures and video on my BLOG, Xoe and Me.

The first business we are going to review is the Capoeira class, Xoe is starting Saturday.  The Capoeira class did not pay to advertise, I am advertising the class for free because I like them and what they do so much.

I think it’s going to be a win-win situation when I do start advertising, the business gets free advertising, and I get a fun day out with my daughter, without having to spend too much money.

It’s kind of funny, I started the website Bay Area Kids Activities, as a way for me to find places to take Xoe, and it’s grown into so much more than that.  I can even see me one day making a living out of this idea.  Of course, that’s a long way off, and I have a lot more work to do to get to that point.

Well, I have to get back to work posting and updating the Bay Area Kids Activities website.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have kids, visit my site, where there’s always something fun to do in the Bay Area.


I am about 40% Done with the Website,

As of today, I have spent 11 days working on the website, BLOG’s, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts.

They all have links to each other, my Facebook page links to my website, and my website links to all of the accounts above. As far as visitors go, I have had about 100, which is pretty good considering the URL’s were only just submitted.

My goal is to have a bustling website, with people wanting to advertise, and that I can make enough money to support me and Xoe. It would be nice if people started advertising. That’s where the income from this site will come from, advertising.

Another thing I have done is to start a BLOG called Xoe and Me. This is the BLOG where I will be doing additional advertising by actually visiting a business, taking pictures and videos and posting them on the Xoe and Me, BLOG.  It’s a great way for my visitors to see the venue before they go, and it’s a great way for me to get tickets.  I am asking for tickets, one for Xoe and one for me, in exchange for the visit.  I would love to see more Bay Area kids Activities.

Speaking of seeing more Bay Area Kids Activities, I had no idea there were so many before I started.  So far, I have at least 200 Bay Area Kids Activities listed on the website, with another 200-300 more I need to add.

Once I get all of the businesses with websites up, I am going to start looking for Bay Area Kids Activities, businesses that don’t have websites.  You would think every business would have a website, but surprisingly a lot of businesses don’t have one.

This BLOG, the Bay Area Kids Activities BLOG, hasn’t had man visitors yet either. I hope that will change as I get more visitors.  I know it will, once I get more Facebook likes, I will have more people interested in the website, and then they  will want to see the BLOG’s

It’s only day 11, and I am happy with my progress, and my visitors.  At this point, things will only get better.


Capoeira Classes

I took Xoe to the community center about a year or so ago, and she took Capoeira classes.  The instructor was great, the classes were great, Xoe loved the class, but it was for a limited time only and after it stopped I lost the card with the information on it to start her in regular classes.

Tonight, I was looking through some papers and the card with the information fell out.  Yay! I found their website.  I immediately posted it to the Lessons & Camps section of, then I wrote the instructor to find out how to get Xoe enrolled in the class.

I received an email back shortly after I wrote them an email, and I am going to register Xoe for classes when I get paid on Friday.  I hope there is still space available.

This is the information for the Capoeira classes for kids, note: they also have adult classes, but they aren’t listed here.  If you would like adult classes click on their link below.  Capoeira Mestre Bimba – Bay Area, 800 W Tower Ave., Alameda, CA 94501 & Capoeira Mestre Bimba – Bay Area, San Pablo Community Center, 2500 Road 20, San Pablo, CA 94806.

The website is

I highly recommend them.

Bay Area Kids Activities at

Birthday Parties and Events at Bay Area Kids Activities

I have been busy updating the Bay Area Kids Activities website.  I updated two very important pages today, the first is the Birthday Parties page.  I had no idea there were so many venues in the Bay Area for hosting birthday parties.  There are more places to add, I am not finished yet, but I do have an amazing choice for Bay Area parents.

The second page I updated today is the Events page.  There are so many events in the Bay Area, and Bay Area Kids Activities offers parents a choice of events and locations.  I have provided links to the best events the Bay Area has to offer.

Bay Area parents, I hope you enjoy the website, Bay Area Kids Activities, and that you and your family will get out and experience some of the great events the Bay Area has to offer.

Updating the Bay Area Kids Activities Website

It seems the more I add to the site, the more I have to add to the site.  I keep finding amazing things to do and see around the Bay Area.

Today, I added more Lessons and Camps, I added a Birthday Parties Page, because so many places offer a Birthday Party experience.

I also added some more Indoor Activities, and I have so much more to add.  This website will take me weeks to complete to a point where you can find multiple activities in a single town, so you can enjoy the whole day or weekend, in one city.


Bay Area Aquariums, Planetariums, & Ranches

Today, I will be adding Bay Area planetariums, aquariums, and ranches to the website,  I remember when I was a kid I went to the Planetarium on a field trip, it was amazing.  You don’t have to wait for a field trip to take your child to one of these activities, take them this weekend.

Also, I am still working on finding free activities for our families.

Do you like what I have so far?

Would you change anything?

Did you find any broken links?

Please feel free to comment in the comment section below.  Just realized there is no comment section below, I’ll work on that today too.  Have a great day everyone!